In the town of Nostalgia where all the people stay, everyone is loud or too, too quiet. Nothing is heard at all. All that’s left are the people’s artifacts, which hold so much so close  — stories never told, stories never heard. They are all that’s left to communicate to one another — the hurt, the pain. Truth of a past unwritten, unspoken. In a land of the free, home of the brave, the people do not know what it is to be brave anymore. To be brave… to be free.

Lindsay Horne, Project Team Member

Quilted Stories interlaces the tales of our tangible relics in order to reveal the raw truth that is with us right now, here in America. Through whimsical and poignant visual and performance art, we’re hoping to warm the way toward societal transformation and away from division.

The America we know.

A new spread in the vastness of the edge. The western edge where the world ended — and now begins.

The new frontier brought with it the harshness of the old country, eager to build anew on the back of the poor, unwilling and enslaved.

The new world was the naive world too. The dream made the dreamers — wearing a simple lens. The warm and soft Americana poured over the cold coals of oppression, made for painful coexistence.

Weaving the good, the bad and the ugly into one quilt will undoubtedly shine a bright light on our collective futures.

Bardia Saeedi, lead artist.