Memorabilia Submission Guidelines

We would like to receive any type of artifact that represents something about your past.
  • We prefer woven material or fabric but we accept any other material that doesn’t get easily damaged, such as paper products.
  • We prefer to receive something that was given to you but if you would like to make something for this project, please reuse and repurpose existing material instead of buying new material.
We are asking for the background story of your memorabilia.
    • If your artifact was given to you by a family member or friend, we want to know about them and why their memento is important to you.
    • If you made your piece, we want to know something about the piece that makes it special to you. 
    • Whether your piece was made by you or given to you, we are most interested in the story behind it. The participation form will prompt you to share that story through text, video, or audio. 
    • Audio and video recordings will be played at the exhibit, while written words will be used in other parts of the project (such as the puppet show script). 

Please mail your memorabilia artifact to:

Quilted Stories
C/O 757 Makerspace
237 W. 24th St.
Norfolk, VA 23517

You must fill out the participation form  Artifacts will not be accepted if you have not filled out this form.

Send us an email to for questions.