Covering the fabric of our society

It all begins with a thread that weaves through us all. 

You (yes, you!) are invited to become a Quilted Stories contributor.  Send a piece of your personal Americana memorabilia and the story behind it to the Quilted Stories project. We are primarily looking for textiles, but we accept any memorabilia artifact. We are specially looking for participation from all sects of our society and variety of backgrounds, whatever your background and ethnicity.

Together, we will weave the story of America through the history of your pieces. The Quilted Stories project will bind your artifacts with others to make larger pieces, creating a quilted museum. This quilted museum will cover a full-size school bus (what’s more American than a school bus?). All of these pieces will tell the stories of their past, which becomes one piece of collective Americana for everyone to learn about and, hopefully, learn from.   

But this isn’t a static exhibit. The Quilted Stories players will set up a puppet show alongside the bus to bring the stories to life (well, handmade life). It’s a traveling mobile circus, which will pop up in different neighborhoods to play out the story of your stuff, based on the histories and memories that you provide.

With this project, Quilted Stories is hoping people will ponder: When our artifacts are set side by side, in quilted fashion, what stories do they share? What lessons do they teach us for the now — and, more importantly, for the future? 

How does quilted stories work?

  • What to send us: textiles preferred (knitted, woven, crochet, …), or any other memorabilia artifact that has meaning to your life in the U.S.
  • How to participate: Go to the participation page
  • What we’re doing: 
    • Collecting your Americana memorabilia along with their stories
    • Covering a school bus and accompanying art installations with your memorabilia
    • Creating a mobile museum/circus with a large scale puppet show.  These puppets play outside on the side of the bus.
    • Creating a museum inside the bus with spoken word, telling the stories.
    • Creating an archive that includes every single piece of artifact along with their stories.
    • Asking artists, all around the world, to join and create other art pieces with the artifacts.
    • Popping up in different neighborhoods with music, performance art and other shenanigans.
    • Our target roll-out is late  fall 2021 when we are confident it’s safe to gather again.

Every story creates a powerful connection

Why are we doing this?

Because it’s absurdly fun 

Because stories are very powerful 

Because we want to change the world

Come join us for a bus ride full of stories.

View the gallery of images and their stories